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Advance series

We at Nissei Advance Group believe it is our greatest responsibility to be the best partner for your asset building."Advance Series" developed by Nissi Advance are compact condominiums built in urban area of high property value.

We collect and analyze every information related to rental needs to purchase land and make plan.

As a support service for customer after purchasing condominium, management company "ADVANCE MANAGEMENT" will protect precious assts of owners with every management system, from looking for resident to remodeling at the time of evacuation, or building management (of common-area), on behalf of owners. Advance Series will maximize the value of real estate with these main two pillars.

Why customers continue to choose Advance Series?
Four main reasons you should choose us, namely consistent high yield, fine quality, high occupancy rates and reliable management system.

You can expect stably high yielding on a long-term basis

Rent of Studio apartment in the urban areas are shifting at a certain level. Since housing is the basic necessities of life, being characterized by less susceptibility to swings in the economy, you can earn stable income on a long-term basis.

For example, if property price is 20 million yen
Annual rental income is...
0.1 million × 12 months = 1.2 million
1.2 million ÷ 20 million × 100 = 6 %
Therefore, yield is 6%.

<Life Insurance Effect>Effect as Life Insurance

If you purchased condo with a loan, group credit life insurance will be set automatically. Therefore, even in the worst case, loan will be paid off by insurance to leave stable income (rent) to the remaining family.

Since you can also sell condominium, like other normal life insurance, you can also have sizable sum of money at one time.

Private Pension

If married couple wishes to spend affluent life after retirement, it is said that they need to prepare 300,000 yen per month. Only two third of the quantity can be prepared by pension. We need extra 100,000 yen per month. In case you are managing condominium, although you have to pay for mortgage, you do not need to pay much every month since most of it can be paid by house rent. In addition, after paying off your loan, all the rent serving as a private pension, covering up shortfall of public pension plan, it will make life financially easier after retirement.

<Tax-saving Effect>You can also expect income tax-saving and inheritance tax-saving effect.

House rent income earned from managing condominium, being assumed as real estate income, can book various necessary expense. It is very common that real estate income get into the red on paper with necessary cost deducted from house rent.

Adding up profit and loss of employment income and real-estate income, total income will become less than employment income. This will eventually serve as tax-saving effect to reduce income tax and residential tax. You can also apply this tax-saving effect to inheritance tax.