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Condominium management

Studio apartment investment, since be started from any purchase of only one room, you can also start with a relatively small self-financing.

In addition, rental income, etc. can be used as a tax saving measures and private pension, there are a variety of benefits.

However, in order to obtain such rental income, the rich condition is good, it must be a property maintenance and management attentive. Because too bad property does not enter tenants is quite, I do not get the rental income.

Benefits of studio apartment investment

Also be started in a small self-financing

Much cheaper than buying a building, you can start even from a small self-financing because even Kumeru loan.

Possible procurement of private pension

If there is rental income, monthly, I will receive a private pension. Future, and there would be no salary income due to retirement, you must live to rely on public pension and savings only. In addition, since there is a possibility that the future public pension is reduced, I can not say that and live a stable retirement.

Effective tax measures

Registration costs, depreciation and amortization, if deficit recorded a necessary expenses such as administrative expenses, by the now of income and profit and loss total, will be refunded the income tax in the tax return. In that case, the resident tax will also be reduced in the same way.

Strong in inflation

If the unexpected inflation occurs, but asset value of such cash will decline, with respect to the good location conditions real estate, it can be said to be unlikely to significant declines in asset values.

How to Buy our Condominium.

  • If you decide which condominium to purchase, please fill in "Purchase Application Form".
  • If you wish to purchase condominium with a loan, please apply to preliminary review from financial institutions.

Application for loan
  • If you are using loan company placed by us, please complete necessary information in the application form and prepare necessary documents and so forth (such as registered personal seal called "Jitsuin", seal for withdrawal account, certification of income and local tax withheld, residency cards, taxation certificate, certificate of seal impression and Loan Repayment Table) which will be announced to you separately.
  • If you wish to purchase condominium with a loan, please apply to preliminary review by financial institutions.

a Purchase/Loan

Signing a Purchase Agreement

  • Please prepare registered personal seal called "Jitsuin", seal for withdrawal account and deposit and so forth.
  • We will explain important matters.

Signing a Loan Agreement

  • Signing a Purchase Agreement
  • Signing a Sublease Agreement with our firm and signing Outsourcing Agreements for Rental management

Payment of various cost and the remainder price
  • Please transfer charges to designated account of our firm. Charges are calculated approximately. Any excess or deficiency of charges will be adjusted at a later date.
  • If there is any money left in your bank account other than loan from financial institutions, please transfer it to designated account of our firm for the payment of trading value.

  • From the day of handover, you will start to receive rent from your condo.
    * Rent of the month of settlement will be on a pro-rate basis.
  • After completing procedure of registration and clearance of all expenses, we will send youregistration certificate.

After-sales service
and others
  • Personal sales staff will take care of each customer.
  • We will place certified tax accountant, in tie-up with our firm, to provide you consultation for filing an income tax return.
  • We will provide you latest information about condominium management such as review of insurance, consultation for substitute for pension and climate of real estate market.
  • We will provide you consultation to make the schedule of payment earlier.