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Nissei Advance Co., Ltd.

  • Condominium Development Business
  • Condominium Distribution Business
  • Land-use Business
  • Insurance Business
  • Financial Planning Business


  • Real Estate Consulting Service
  • Emergency Response Service
  • Building Management Service
  • Office Management Service
  • Lease loan Management Service

Synchronizing condominium development of "Nissei Advance" and building management of "Advance Management" to maximize potential of real estate to its fullest.


The word, "Estability" was coined from "Estate" and "Ability".

Corporate philosophy

Mobilizing all the information power, planning ability and behavioral ability, we win customers trust by producing high-value-added product, developing business and providing fine service management.

Course of Action

Under the theme of "Everything for the pursuit of prosperous future of customer", we pursue for the satisfaction of customers retaining spirit of inquiry and ambition

Message from the Chairman

The new coronavirus, raging around the world, is disrupting politics and the economy around the world. We must live in harmony with this threat.
How to interact with this new coronavirus, drive the underlying economy of life, and maintain cultural activities such as education and sports is a common issue around the world.
Since our founding in 2001, we have always listened to the voices of our customers. Contents change with the times. Naturally, each customer has a different lifestyle and way of thinking about the future. It is essential to consider them carefully and build the best portfolio for that person’s life.
We will think in line with the times, always focus on antennas, strive to develop products that match the times, and continue to provide stable “advance series” investment real estate.
As a comprehensive real estate company, we will continue to aim to be a company that satisfies everyone.
We would like to express our gratitude to us, and we would like to ask for your continued support, with the mission and the mission of each and every employee to contribute to society through real estate.

Chairman of the Board Norihide Kubota