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Nissei Advance Co., Ltd.

  • Condominium Development Business
  • Condominium Distribution Business
  • Land-use Business
  • Insurance Business
  • Financial Planning Business


  • Real Estate Consulting Service
  • Emergency Response Service
  • Building Management Service
  • Office Management Service
  • Lease loan Management Service

Synchronizing condominium development of "Nissei Advance" and building management of "Advance Management" to maximize potential of real estate to its fullest.


The word, "Estability" was coined from "Estate" and "Ability".

Corporate philosophy

Mobilizing all the information power, planning ability and behavioral ability, we win customers trust by producing high-value-added product, developing business and providing fine service management.

Course of Action

Under the theme of "Everything for the pursuit of prosperous future of customer", we pursue for the satisfaction of customers retaining spirit of inquiry and ambition

Message from the President

People are starting to take action with the desire for change. Please look back your own real life and social environment surrounding the member of your family one more time. In recent years, your expectations should have often been violated especially about the issues of every human life such as pension, insurance, medical services and education. I am feeling this change through my own experience through this business that smart people, who have learned that, have stopped "just waiting" and are starting to learn reliable method to create safegurds for future with their own hand to preserve and increase their assets, and are actually starting to take real action... We Nissei Advance are general developer dealing with better land-use and property.

In that series of business, especially through planning and sales business of condominiam, there is something I started to see while I see customers who is buying condominiam building face to face to learn about their concern and future expectation. That is, people are increasingly trying to utilize their asset positively and effectively especially by "property investment". Compare to before vigor of this trend is notable.

Under the theme of "Everything for the pursuit of prosperous future of customer", we will continue to produce sincere product to support asset building of customers.

CEO Hiroyuki Kodote