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We welcome opinions and complaints about Nissei Advance. We will strive to utilize the opinions we receive in improving our operations and developing services in the future.

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●Regarding sales calls that pretended to be our company name

Recently, we have received reports from multiple customers that they have received phone calls that use our company's name, criticize or slander our company, and make customers feel uneasy. If you have any trouble with such calls, or if you have any other inquiries/complaints/consultations regarding personal information, please contact the Compliance Promotion Office.

What is the Compliance Promotion Office?

Our company has established a Compliance Promotion Office in order to strengthen and promote the compliance system throughout our group with the aim of improving customer satisfaction.
Additionally, in order to establish organizational neutrality, the Compliance Promotion Office is an organization that does not belong to any department and reports directly to the representative director.
We will monitor, confirm, and provide guidance to all Group employees to ensure that they comply with laws, regulations, and social norms, and act in a fair and honest manner.

Message from the Director of Compliance Promotion Office

Several years have passed since the word “compliance” became commonplace.
However, since the word is often translated as ``legal compliance,'' we see many actions based on the idea that simply observing the law is sufficient.
However, Nissei Advance's ideal compliance does not stop there. In addition to not violating laws and company regulations, employees must be able to act in accordance with other rules such as social common sense and ethics.
Nissei Advance believes that pursuing compliance in this sense is the path to improving customer satisfaction and meeting the expectations of all stakeholders.
I empathize with the company's commitment to fulfilling its role in not only risk management, but also CSR (social responsibility), and provide advice on daily consultations from an outside perspective.
Nissei Advanced Compliance Promotion Office will strive to further enhance compliance by utilizing both internal and external perspectives.

General Manager, Nissei Advance Compliance Office
Lawyer Motoaki Sugimura (Stella Law Office)