Nissei Advance Co., Ltd.

Efforts to provide a variety of information and services related to real estate, designed from the planning and development, construction, sales, even up to the after-sales service, we have to meet the requests of everybody how. "All the rich future customers" also made a sincere commodity future to the theme, we will continue to support the asset formation.

Condominium Development Business

We develop around single room investment condominium under coherent system. We aim to create profitable product by starting from site aquisition, planning of product and to development of product, after gathering and analysing every information related to rental needs.

Biggest importance lies in truly great planning prioritizing stable succession of business value. We will meet your expectation and trust by applying know-how acquired in various fields.

Condominium Distribution Business

We practise consulting business prioritising long-term asset building of customer to condominiums we developed.

There are five benefits, namely private pension, life insurance effect, high yielding and measure for tax-saving and inheritance, in running condominium business and we provide attentive consultation to meet the needs of various customers.

We also would like to give you up-to-date and innovative proposals which is truely valuable, for many years to come, to inherit to future.

Land-use Business

The days of that all we have to do is to just possess land are over and now what is important and valuable in the real sense is how to utilise that land effectively. Please contact us if you are thinking of selling, effective utilization, asset management of your property.

We would like to propose you high-value added product with all the know-how of real-estate development and finance.


We operate with confidence to owners, so that can stay and also peace of mind to people of tenants, and has established a management system of thorough. Other than new and used single-family home sales and brokerage business, new and used condominium sales and brokerage, I am performing the brokerage, sales revenues apartment land. When management is, we have introduced a unique system that could be devised and adopted precisely because Nissei advance that was involved for many years in the apartment of sale.

Real Estate Consulting Service

We organize workshops on consulting for every real estate, property investment or on insurance on a regular basis.

Emergency Response Service

Establishing a security and disaster-prevention system using communication network system, we provide emergency response service on a round-the-clock basis in tie-ups with major security companies.Should the sensor detect abnormal events, security guards will immediately rush to the scene.

  • Mobile Patrol Security Service
  • Establishment of security and disaster-prevention system
  • Centralized management from the center
  • Dispatch security guards, Report to police and fire department

Building Management Service

To keep important lifelines of life running, as well as carrying out remote system surveillance, we monitor major facilities such as electric facilities, plumbing installation, lighting facilities and elevators on a round-the-clock basis. We also carry out patrol checkup.

  • Checkup and maintenance of electric facilities
  • Statutory inspection of fire defense equipment
  • Checkup, maintenance and statutory inspection of elevator facilities
  • Cleanup and statutory inspection of plumbing installation
  • Cleaning up drain facility
  • Checkup and statutory inspection of Emergency Security Equipment

Office Management Business

Professional staffs are managing and keeping track of maintenance fee and repair reserve fund etc. safely and accurately in a organized manner by computer.Condo association board is run by stuffs with expertise.

[Cashier Business]
  • Store maintainance fee and repair reserve fund etc.
  • Payment of sundry expenses
  • Creating and controling business forms
[Accounting Business]
  • Budget plan for next term of condo association board
  • Profit and loss report of condo association board accounting.
  • Writing settlement of balance report of condo association board.
[Administrative Operation Business]
  • Business related to outsourcing repair work etc.
  • Entering into various type of contract, acceptance of notification
  • Set up nonlife insurance by deputy
  • Planning long-term rapair project
  • Administrative support of general assembly and board meeting
  • Communication to Government Office etc.

Lease loan Management Service

Rent management takes surprisingly trouble When I started, expertise also required. We, management for owners of rental properties, will be happy to assist you.