CSR - Contribution to society

We at Nissei Advance as a corporate citizen, for the good of society and Earth, we are starting to work on one step at a time from what we can do now.

Contribution in the Japanese Red Cross Society activity support

we support the Japanese Red Cross Society of activity.For any help to save people suffering from such conflicts, disasters and disease, the part of the sales We have the donation as the Japanese Red Cross Society of activity funds.

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Contribute to the Pink Ribbon Campaign

Nissei advance is official supporter of Pink Ribbon Undo.Pink Ribbon Undo protect the many people from the grief caused from breast cancer.

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Contributing to Society by Donating Vaccine

We support "Japan Committee, Vaccines for the worlds children." to save lives of children from preventable infectious deseases. Part of the profit is donated to buy polio vaccine to reduce the number of parents who become broken-hearted by losing their own child, to make as many children as possible not to get the malady better of them and to give them dreams and hopes and be able to live each day with smile.

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Contributing to Society through Countermeasure for Global Warming

""Nissei Advance"" participate in the activities of ""Fun to Share"" as a countermeasure for global worming which is becoming serious issue nowadays. Each one of us are putting 6 action plans for reduction of CO2 proposed by ""Fun to Share"" into practise in the course of business or in our daily life.

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Fun to Share

The "Fun to Share", while happily share the latest wisdom with everyone, in the watchword for to go to create a low-carbon society, rather than work hard to desperately while endure towards the "target, fun and living every day while, the idea is to make it "a low-carbon society.

Tie-up project with "Green Foundation" by Osaka Prefectural Government

Nissei Advance is supporting Greening Promotion Project called "Green Foundation" by Osaka Prefectural Government. To increase immediate "green" in our daily life to create affluent town, we donate portion of our profits to greening activities expenses such as greening school yard of kindergarten or elementary school.

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Registration of Business for "Declaration of Good Health, Lively Man and Woman" by Osaka Prefectural Government.

We at Nissei Advance evaluate establishing working environment, in which employee can get their work-life balance while they work, as important effort of social responsibility. We also encourage to utilize female staffs actively and we strive to promote work-life balance and diversity.

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What is "Declaration of Good Health, Lively Man and Woman"?

Osaka Prefectural Government register businesses which is motivated to make effort to help both man and woman to be able to work actively (businesses promoting policies such as "utilization of female talent" or "support for the balancing of work and family") as business of "Declaration of Good Health, Lively Man and Woman" to support their effort.

Regular member of "Kinki mid-to-high-rise Real Estate Association"

We at Nissei Advance set complete compliance and improvement of customer satisfaction as the biggest goal, we contribute to the society widely through real estate as a member of "Kinki mid-to-high-rise Real Estate Association".

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What is "KINKI mid-to-high-rise Real Estate Association"... ?

It is voluntary organization founded, mainly among the companies selling investment condominium mainly in Kinki region, aiming at improvement of customer satisfaction of purchaser by mutual corporation all the members, each member striving to brainstorm to accompolish this objective, emphasising on compliance with laws, to eventually widely contribute to the society.