Evolving get Osaka, state-of-the-art downtown dwelling point.

Of course as a baseball field, and it is familiar to every day a lot of people as a venue for all sports and concerts,
Osaka entertainment Mecca and Osaka Dome.

It can be said that the Osaka of symbol, and to newly born in the bosom of its futuristic dome, it is “Advanced Osaka Dome before”. Its location is surrounded by a transportation network that is fulfilling, such as subway and JR, can be a number of redevelopment is started Namba Umeda is the most important area of ​​ongoing projects, freely access and is Shinsaibashi and to Hon major cities Osaka excellence It is hidden and the convenience.

In addition, such as advanced steadily also stretched construction of the Great Hanshin West Osaka new line connecting the Kobe-Namba – Nara, to the rich future because, it is largely expected as a new residential center of Osaka city life.

It is very, valuable position regarded as the foremost seat to get a new future of Osaka to evolve.

From business fashion, culture, gourmet, to amusement, highly developed Osaka of urban functions, of course, joy literate without leaving even a bright future that you will further leap, will captivate any lifestyle oriented to city residents .

That is the next position of city life that FUTURE FRONT.