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Advance Kyoto Sonare

JR "Kyoto" station a 10-minute walk, Kyoto Line "Kyoto" Station 8-minute walk Kintetsu, Subway Karasuma Line "Kyoto" station 11 mins

We live in Kyoto
The land of beautiful view of woven the time of eternity. World cultural heritage is also familiar, and tasteful Naru living.
Even still as the capital of Japanese culture, and Kyoto, which is longing from the world.
Feel the essence of the gorgeous serving ancient city, Toji (Kyoogokokuji) and Nishi Honganji world heritage also familiar location, such as.
Month transitory life and saijiki feel in the courtly occasions of life manners such as that dissolved in the everyday, is alive with its own charm.

The capital of the gateway JR Kyoto Station Building, gourmet shop is integrated.
Entrance of Kyoto, is born in rare rich historical taste and convenience coexist.
international city, Kyoto, the Japanese continue to attract even the well of the world people.
Terminal Kyoto Station that is the gateway to obtain the rare earth to the nearest station “Advanced Kyoto Sonare” debut.
This is the birth of life offices that can enjoyed freely taste and state-of-the-art urban style of the ancient city.

High convenience to Japan, and that leads to the world.
To Tokyo, a global network of dynamism to Kagoshima.
The nearest station Kyoto Station, sunny position. To by Shinkansen use Tokyo, it spreads to Kyushu,
Speedy in and realize the dynamic access network. It will allow the global network.
Transportation network that connects the city to one yen freely. Business district and trends town feel free to link also to.
Including the department store in the heart-Karasuma area and established Kyoto business, it will lead smoothly also to Shijokawaramachi neighborhood rich shopping facilities gather.

Name Advance Kyoto Sonare
Location Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto Inokuma communication Shiokoji down chome Minamiebisu cho number 170
Transportation JR "Kyoto" station a 10-minute walk, Kyoto Line "Kyoto" Station 8-minute walk Kintetsu, Subway Karasuma Line "Kyoto" station 11 mins
Area/District (日本) 近隣商業地域、準防火地域、20m第3種高度地区、市街地型美観形成地区
The Classification of land Residential land
The building-to-house ratio 69.77%
Floor area ratio 200.23%
Lot area 594.67m²
Building area 414.86m²
Building gross floor area 1,541.52m²
Structure/Scale Reinforced concrete construction, 7 floors from the ground
Total units 47Units
Selling units 47Units
Building certification number 第ERI13003539号
Driveway burden None
Layout 1K
Dwelling footprint 23.55m2〜24.60m2
Balcony area 3.75m2〜6.20m2
Parking 2
Mini Motor cycle storage 2
Bicycle storage 47
Right form after selling lots Lot is shared by footprint stake ratio, Building is sectional ownership.
Management form The building site is owned jointly according to the shared ownership percentage of the exclusively-owned area, while the ownership of the building is based on individual condominium unit.
Completion May 2015 early
Moving in May 2015 late
Seller Nissei Advance
Design/Supervision Nikki Co., Ltd.
Execution Ltd. Nukiyama construction
Management company Global community Inc. / Advanced Management Inc.
Access to drawing and specification Advance Kyoto Sonare