We live in Kyoto
The land of beautiful view of woven the time of eternity. World cultural heritage is also familiar, and tasteful Naru living.
Even still as the capital of Japanese culture, and Kyoto, which is longing from the world.
Feel the essence of the gorgeous serving ancient city, Toji (Kyoogokokuji) and Nishi Honganji world heritage also familiar location, such as.
Month transitory life and saijiki feel in the courtly occasions of life manners such as that dissolved in the everyday, is alive with its own charm.

The capital of the gateway JR Kyoto Station Building, gourmet shop is integrated.
Entrance of Kyoto, is born in rare rich historical taste and convenience coexist.
international city, Kyoto, the Japanese continue to attract even the well of the world people.
Terminal Kyoto Station that is the gateway to obtain the rare earth to the nearest station “Advanced Kyoto Sonare” debut.
This is the birth of life offices that can enjoyed freely taste and state-of-the-art urban style of the ancient city.

High convenience to Japan, and that leads to the world.
To Tokyo, a global network of dynamism to Kagoshima.
The nearest station Kyoto Station, sunny position. To by Shinkansen use Tokyo, it spreads to Kyushu,
Speedy in and realize the dynamic access network. It will allow the global network.
Transportation network that connects the city to one yen freely. Business district and trends town feel free to link also to.
Including the department store in the heart-Karasuma area and established Kyoto business, it will lead smoothly also to Shijokawaramachi neighborhood rich shopping facilities gather.