Metropolis Umeda continue to evolve, enjoy the essence.

Megacities in western Japan’s largest continues to evolve as an international city of the next generation Umeda. People can live without feeling the energy of the dynamic city always, is born to give the ultimate ground “Advanced Nishiumeda Winds”.

Following the “Grand Front Osaka”, a variety of development is accelerating.

Access sites to Umeda and links. Bicycle if within 10 minutes to the Umeda area.

Good position available to JR · subway, private railways of the access network from the nearest station. In addition, if the bicycle use to Umeda area in 10 minutes distance of walking. Starting with Hon and Shinsaibashi, also to the various spots of the city center can be accessed smoothly, action range will spread significantly.

Universities and professional schools is rich in single people often Osaka city a preferred destination to continue to maintain a high apartment demand.

The Osaka city are concentrated a number of vocational schools of universities and various, also comes from a rural area who not only local students a lot, the number of students who live in the city applies even to more than 97 000 people. For this reason many households, about 50% of the total number of households in Fukushima Ward “Advanced Nishiumeda Winds” is located, accounting for about 61% in the North District adjacent. Today has also increased tendency to seek a dwelling that can single people also safe high quality, downtown studio apartment I will be considered to continue to maintain a high needs in the future.