Living environment in which the contrast of mature cities and ancient natural beauty is, the synchro.

The rest is natural beauty, scenic district, Yuhigaoka.

The three-way neighborhood, mature city spreads. From the hustle and bustle, quiet. From Roman, mature.

The transition of scenery also said that the new and old of intense contrast even now old and does not change also,

Setting sun shining in the beautifully madder red is, me relieve.


Tennoji-Abeno, good position for the day-to-day living area Namba.

Convenience stand out and position to the nearest station is 5-wire 3-station and within a 10-minute walk away. To the bustling big Terminal “Tennoji” station, it is the convenience of one-minute person station from “Shitennoji before Yuhigaoka” station is a 5-minute walk. In addition, Osaka 2 one of the large downtown, 3 minutes to the south, “Higashi Umeda” a 12-minute direct even to the station. This is the access that covers all major urban center in speedy.


While feeling the ancient Roman, pleasure and free convenience and maturation of the city.

Prince Shotoku Yukari of Shitennoji and Teramachi of old temples, such as taste full of Tennoji seven hill stories the history and venerable of this city, and invite you to eternal romance. In addition, Tennoji-ku, with a focus on Yuhigaoka broad educational institutions have been integrated. In addition, the south entrance of Osaka, Tennoji-Abeno nationwide height Japan of the building that is of interest “Abenobashi Terminal Building” joined in, has also increased expectations for booming.