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Advance Kyoto Sai in Partire

Hankyu Kyoto Line "Nishikyogoku" station a 10-minute walk, "Saiin" station a 15-minute walk

Master the Nishinokyo.
And enjoy the historical taste and Kyoto of convenience.

By freely back and forth now and the ancient landscape of today location for enjoying at will.
Collect a variety of charm to find in the city, draw a life style that is sophisticated Nishikyogoku to master the Nishinokyo.
Heart richly new Kyoto of living to be met is here.

Rent needs of students of the city, Kyoto unique
About 163,000 people also students in Kyoto city.
Kyoto City gather whopping about 163 000 people of students from all over the country. From the era of Mount Hiei Enryakuji academic office played a role of Buddhist university up to now, students of the city, which has inherited the academic ethos, Kyoto. Kyoto University and Doshisha University, such as that produced a number of Nobel Prize scholars, colorful Campus will gather in Kyoto city.

Name Advance Kyoto Sai in Partire
Location Kyoto Ukyo-ku Saiinrokutanda cho 50-1
Transportation Hankyu Kyoto Line "Nishikyogoku" station a 10-minute walk, "Saiin" station a 15-minute walk
Area/District Industrial area, semi-fire protection area, 20m Class 5 height area, townscape-type building landscape area, distant view design preservation area
The Classification of land Residential land
The building-to-house ratio 53.29%
Floor area ratio 198.91%
Lot area 783.15m²
Building area 417.27m²
Building gross floor area 1,910.55m²
Structure/Scale Reinforced concrete construction, 5 floors from the ground
Total units 44Units
Selling units 44Units
Building certification number 第H26確認建築京機構市00776号 第H27変認建築京機構市00504号
Driveway burden None
Layout 1LDK
Dwelling footprint 32.82m2〜38.28m2
Balcony area 3.10m2〜5.05m2
Parking 5 units (flat type)
Motor cycle storage 4 units (flat type)
Mini Motor cycle storage 7 units (flat type)
Bicycle storage 55 units (rack type)
Right form after selling lots The site is shared based on the ownership ratio of exclusive area, and the building is individually owned.
Management form The building site is owned jointly according to the shared ownership percentage of the exclusively-owned area, while the ownership of the building is based on individual condominium unit.
Completion September 2015 early
Moving in October 2015 early
Seller Nissei Advance
Design/Supervision Design Works
Management company Global community Inc. / Advanced Management Inc.
Access to drawing and specification Advance Kyoto Sai in Partire