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Advance Osakajo Radia

Metro center line Imazato muscle line "Green Bridge" station walk 6 minutes, subway Sennichimae Line "Imazato" station walk 9 minutes

Dashing, downtown swimming.
While feeling familiar dynamism of OSAKA downtown, Yasuragu mind to moisture with nature ….
To give the best position to lead to Honcho and direct, to enjoy every day of comfort and convenience. Decorate the various scenes, it is a prized possession of the life stages.

Umeda, Namba, Tennoji Good position of 10 minutes speaking to the main terminal of.
6-minute walk to the center line “Green Bridge” station that leads to direct in 7 minutes to the center “Honcho” station business. “Morinomiya” from the station JR Osaka Loop Line of human station, Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line is available. “Honcho” From the station, make full use of Midosuji and smooth access to the whole area of ​​Osaka city. In addition, a 9-minute walk from the Imazato Suji-sen “Imazato” station. 3-wire 2 station is available and is active base from which momentum is attached to the life rhythm.

Osaka city’s largest recreation area, Osaka Castle Park also familiar.
Urban Oasis Osaka Castle Park is in walking trails, a jogging, gives moisture to the day-to-day living in reasonable position. Also enhance civic forests and entertainment and sports facilities, as a park that is loved by the wide range of generations, has become a rest spot of Osaka citizens.

Name Advance Osakajo Radia
Location Osaka Higashinari-ku Higashinakamoto 3-16-26
Transportation Metro center line Imazato muscle line "Green Bridge" station walk 6 minutes, subway Sennichimae Line "Imazato" station walk 9 minutes
Area/District Quasi-Industrial Area, Fire Prevention Area
The Classification of land Residential land
The building-to-house ratio 68.11%
Floor area ratio 398.64%
Lot area 435.02m²
Building area 296.27m²
Building gross floor area 2,099.95m²
Structure/Scale Reinforced concrete construction, 9 floors from the ground
Total units 64Units
Selling units 64Units
Building certification number 第関住H26認建02319号 第関住H26更建02353号
Driveway burden None
Layout 1K
Dwelling footprint 26.72m2
Balcony area 4.04m2〜5.27m2
Parking 3 units (flat type)
Motor cycle storage 2
Mini Motor cycle storage 7
Bicycle storage 61
Right form after selling lots Lot is shared by footprint stake ratio, Building is sectional ownership.
Management form The building site is owned jointly according to the shared ownership percentage of the exclusively-owned area, while the ownership of the building is based on individual condominium unit.
Completion October 2015 early
Moving in November 2015 early
Seller Nissei Advance
Design/Supervision Kokubun Architects Office
Management company Global community Inc. / Advanced Management Inc.
Access to drawing and specification Advance Osakajo Radia