(日本) 地下鉄長堀鶴見緑地線「大正」駅徒歩2分、JR大阪環状線「大正」駅徒歩3分

“Close Proximity and Direct Access”

Umeda, Shinsaibashi, and Tennoji
“Abe no Harukasu,” Japan’s tallest skyscraper, is located in the vicinity of Abeno and Tennoji, serving as the gateway to the bustling northern district of Umeda and the vibrant downtown area of Shinsaibashi. This prime location allows you to effortlessly access these key points in your daily life.

Osaka Dome City
With the excitement of Osaka Dome City at its heart, this area offers an open riverfront environment. Here, you can enjoy the presence of various urban amenities, including Aeon Mall, forming a major commercial zone. Given the high population of students and single individuals in Osaka, this location is in high demand for apartment living.

In Osaka, numerous universities and specialized schools are concentrated, attracting both local and out-of-town students. The student population in the city exceeds 97,000, resulting in a high number of single-person households. Therefore, “Advance Osaka Dome Mae Avenir” holds a strategic position in a city with approximately 1.31 million households, of which approximately 620,000 are single-person households.

Location (日本) 大阪市大正区三軒家西一丁目3番28号(住居表示)
Transportation (日本) 地下鉄長堀鶴見緑地線「大正」駅徒歩2分、JR大阪環状線「大正」駅徒歩3分
Area/District (日本) 商業地域、準防火地域
The Classification of land (日本) 宅地
The building-to-house ratio 65.88%
Floor area ratio 399.98%
Lot area 559.02m²
Building area 295.06m²
Building gross floor area 2110.65m²
Structure/Scale (日本) 鉄筋コンクリート造・地上10階
Total units 75Units
Selling units 75Units
Building certification number (日本) 第H26確認建築CIAS01020号(平成26年9月26日) 計画変更確認番号/第H27確変建築CIAS00021号(平成27年4月22日)
Driveway burden (日本) あり
Layout 1K、1LDK
Dwelling footprint 21.42m2~33.66m2
Balcony area 3.54m2~6.80m2
Parking (日本) 4台(平面式)
Motor cycle storage (日本) 3台
Mini Motor cycle storage (日本) 6台
Bicycle storage (日本) 70台(二段スライドラック式:70台)
Right form after selling lots (日本) 敷地は専有面積持分比率による共有、建物は区分所有
Management form (日本) 区分所有者全員にて管理組合を設立し、管理組合より管理受諾者へ委託
Completion (日本) 平成28年1月下旬
Moving in (日本) 平成28年1月下旬
Seller (日本) 株式会社日成アドバンス
Design/Supervision (日本) 株式会社日企設計
Execution (日本) 株式会社福田組 大阪支店
Management company (日本) グローバルコミュニティ株式会社/株式会社アドバンス・マネジメント
Access to drawing and specification (日本) 「アドバンス大阪ドーム前 アヴェニール」管理室