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LAV Kobe Sannomiya

2 minutes walk to Kobe New Transit Port Island Line "Trade Center" Station / 12 minutes walk to JR Tokaido Main Line (Kobe Line) "Sannomiya" Station

Kobe Time

In a cozy city, everyone experiences pleasant moments.
Kobe, a city that embraced Western culture during the Meiji period and has continued to lead a modern lifestyle to this day. While preserving the traces of a bygone era, it continues to inspire people with its innovative way of life. This city, which is urban yet adorned with the beauty of nature, offers a high-quality, comfortable living experience to everyone.

Embrace Kobe
A prime location for enjoying the charm of Kobe, a port city, and embracing Kobe’s way of life. A well-rounded living environment requires a total balance. The elements of comfortable access, high urban functionality, natural serenity, sophistication, and more are essential. “LAV★Kobe Sannomiya” is a location that will satisfy those who prioritize the performance of their city environment. It’s the perfect position for savoring Kobe’s appeal, with a variety of attractions close by and easy access.

A Lifestyle Covering Kobe’s Urban Scenery to the Bay Area
As a daily living base in Sannomiya, this location encompasses the entire territory from the upscale Kitano and Shin-Kobe in the hillside area to Motomachi, Nankin-machi, and even the Bay Area. Living in this environment, which links various scenes with different atmospheres, enhances the joy of residing in Kobe. A city you visit becomes your living area. Mastering the diverse facets of Sannomiya is what this location offers.

Convenient Access with 6 Stations and 6 Lines
Comfortable access is available with 6 stations and 6 railway lines, including “Sannomiya” and “Kobe Sannomiya” stations. Just 2 minutes from the nearest station on foot to “Sannomiya” station, providing a comfortable one-station, two-minute access. This location, where JR Tokaido Main Line, Hanshin Main Line, Hankyu Kobe Line, and more converge, offers the freedom to use the terminal station zone with ease. Within walking distance, 6 stations on 6 lines enable an active lifestyle.


Name LAV Kobe Sannomiya
Location 4-1-5 Hamabe-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe City (Residential Address)
Transportation 2 minutes walk to Kobe New Transit Port Island Line "Trade Center" Station / 12 minutes walk to JR Tokaido Main Line (Kobe Line) "Sannomiya" Station
Area/District (日本) 商業地域、防火地域、市街化区域、駐車場整備地区、下水道処理区域、三ノ宮南地区まちづくり
The Classification of land Residential Land
The building-to-house ratio 69.97%
Floor area ratio 676.54%
Lot area 782.88m²
Building area 547.77m²
Building gross floor area 7,129.87m²
Structure/Scale Reinforced concrete construction, 15 stories above ground
Total units 196Units
Selling units 196Units
Building certification number (日本) 第REJ14211-14128号(平成26年10月21日)
Driveway burden "None"
Layout 1K、1DK
Dwelling footprint 24.08m²~29.28m² (MB・PS面積含む)
Balcony area 3.91m²・4.84m²・5.04m²
Right form after selling lots The land and common areas are shared based on the ownership ratio of the exclusive residential area for all unit owners, and the building parts are individually owned by the unit owners
Management form Formed a management association comprising all unit owners and delegated to a management company
Completion Late May, 2016
Moving in Early June, 2016
Seller Nisshin Advance Co., Ltd., Japan Veltech Co., Ltd., Leon Urban Development Co., Ltd.
Design/Supervision Shintoku Planning Co., Ltd., First-Class Architectural Office
Execution Shinwa Construction Co., Ltd.
Management company Shinwa Construction Co., Ltd. Osaka Branch Mitsukeya Honpo
Access to drawing and specification "LAV Kobe Sannomiya" Management Office