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2 minutes walk to Hankyu Kobe Line "Kasuganomichi" Station, 7 minutes walk to Hanshin Main Line "Kasuganomichi" Station


Enjoy my city, KOBE, from all angles.

“Advance Sannomiya Grove” is born in the heart of Kobe, the central area of ​​freestyle urban living. It’s a location that seamlessly connects with the charming spots unique to the international city of Kobe, allowing you to fully enjoy Kobe from every angle.

The new-generation spot, Kobe Harborland.

Large-scale facilities, including amusement spaces, are abundant here. It’s a popular spot where you can experience the port city of Kobe while enjoying views of the sea.

The birthplace of Kobe’s port town, Meriken Park.

Known as the birthplace of the port city of Kobe, Meriken Park is an area with many attractive buildings featuring innovative designs.

The latest information hub, Sannomiya.

The busiest major terminal in Kobe. A large shopping zone spreads out around the station.

The exotic city, Kitano Ijinkan District.

This area is characterized by its charming streets with a rich international atmosphere, making it a symbol of the international city of Kobe.

The new central district in the east, HAT Kobe.

A newly developed central district in the eastern coastal area of Kobe. It features commercial facilities, movie theaters, art galleries, and more.

Location 1-7-13 Higashinunodori, Chuo Ward, Kobe City (Residential Address)
Transportation 2 minutes walk to Hankyu Kobe Line "Kasuganomichi" Station, 7 minutes walk to Hanshin Main Line "Kasuganomichi" Station
The Classification of land Residential Land
The building-to-house ratio 71.33%
Floor area ratio 399.98%
Lot area 276.00m²
Building area 196.86m²
Building gross floor area 1,437.17m²
Structure/Scale Reinforced concrete construction, 10 stories above ground
Total units 45Units
Selling units 45Units
Building certification number (日本) 第関住H28認建02833号(平成29年4月4日)
Other (日本) 検査済証番号/第関住H28認建02833号(平成30年3月16日)
Driveway burden "None"
Layout 1K
Dwelling footprint 23.56㎡~25.18㎡
Balcony area 4.01㎡~5.36㎡
Parking 3 units
Motor cycle storage 2 units
Mini Motor cycle storage 6 units
Bicycle storage 45 spaces (37 sliding rack type, 8 two-tier rack type)
Right form after selling lots The common areas and attached facilities of the property are shared based on the ownership ratio of exclusive floor area, and the individual units are individually owned
Management form A management association has been established with all unit owners, and management responsibilities have been entrusted to a management agent by the association
Completion The completion date was March 14, Heisei 30 (2018).
Moving in The completion date was in late March, Heisei 30 (2018).
Seller Nissei Advance
Design/Supervision Kokubun Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
Execution Tanaka Construction Co., Ltd. 田中建設股份有限公司
Management company Global Community Co., Ltd. / Advance Management Co., Ltd.
Access to drawing and specification "Advance Sannomiya Grouv" Management Office Advance Sannomiya Grouv管理辦公室