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2-minute walk to Osaka Metro Sen-Nichimae Line and Imazatosuji Line "Imazato" Station, 8-minute walk to Kintetsu Osaka Line and Nara Line "Imazato" Station

Playing with Time, Mastering the City

Just a 2-minute walk to Osaka Metro Chuo Line, direct 7-minute access to Namba Station. “ADVANCE OSAKA FELICIA” is positioned to make Namba, the major commercial zone of Osaka, your daily living area. Each station between “Imazato” station, the closest one, and “Namba” station offers a unique cityscape. Moreover, it smoothly connects to major areas in Osaka such as Umeda and Tennoji. Enjoy a comfortable urban life.

Known as the gateway to Kansai International Airport and a vast shopping and entertainment zone in Minami Osaka, Namba boasts longstanding stores like Osaka Takashimaya, as well as Namba Marui, Namba Parks, Namba CITY, Namba SkyO, and a variety of shopping streets. It’s always bustling with many people, full of vitality.

One of Japan’s top three electronics districts, Nipponbashi is also known as a holy land for western pop culture. Enjoy outings to spots like Kuromon Ichiba Market, known as the “kitchen of Naniwa,” and the lively Sennichimae Shopping Street.

9-chome Tanimachi 9-chome station on the Chuo Line intersects with the Tanimachi Line. In the area connected by an underground passage to Kintetsu “Osaka Uehommachi” station, you’ll find large commercial facilities like Kintetsu Department Store and Uehommachi YUFURA.

Tsuruhashi, which has developed as the eastern gateway to Osaka, is now famous as a yakiniku (grilled meat) and Koreatown. Around Tsuruhashi station, there are several shopping streets lined with yakiniku restaurants and Korean grocery stores.

Using Osaka Metro Chuo Line, you can reach the central Namba area in just 9 minutes from your doorstep. Various lifestyle facilities that support daily life are within a 10-minute walk. The entire city comes alive with the Danjiri Festival held annually.

The Beat of Osaka

Accelerating urban life with a light step, enjoying free and easy time.

Namba, Tennoji, Shinsaibashi, Umeda, and more, all major city zones representing Osaka, are within a 20-minute radius, ensuring convenience. Just a 2-minute walk away, you can access two lines: Osaka Metro Chuo Line and Imazato-suzi Line, allowing you to freely enjoy an active life. Additionally, Kintetsu “Imazato” station is just an 8-minute walk away, expanding your range of activities to Kobe, Nara, Nagoya, and more.

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Location 1-8, Daikumori Minami 2-chome, Higashi Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka City (Residential Address)
Transportation 2-minute walk to Osaka Metro Sen-Nichimae Line and Imazatosuji Line "Imazato" Station, 8-minute walk to Kintetsu Osaka Line and Nara Line "Imazato" Station
Area/District (日本) 商業地域、防火地域、準防火地域
The Classification of land Residential Land
The building-to-house ratio 54.44%
Floor area ratio 399.70%
Lot area 548.85m²
Building area 298.74m²
Building gross floor area 2,554,63m²
Structure/Scale Reinforced concrete construction, 10 stories above ground
Total units 86Units
Selling units 86Units
Building certification number (日本) 第H30確認建築近確0000646(平成30年6月7日)
Driveway burden "None"
Layout 1K
Dwelling footprint 24.95㎡~26.01㎡
Balcony area 3.29㎡~5.91㎡
Parking 5 spaces (surface parking)
Motor cycle storage 3 units
Mini Motor cycle storage 4 units
Bicycle storage 86 units (Inclined Rack Type)
Right form after selling lots Common areas of the land and building, as well as attached facilities, are shared based on the ownership ratio of exclusive floor area, while building exclusive areas are individually owned
Management form Establish a management association with all unit owners and delegate management to a management trustee through the association
Completion Early August 2019
Moving in Late August 2019
Seller Nissei Advance
Design/Supervision TMH Co., Ltd.
Execution Tada Construction Co., Ltd.
Management company Global Community Co., Ltd. / Advance Management Co., Ltd.
Access to drawing and specification "Advance Osaka Felicia" Management Office