8 minutes walk to Namba Station on the Subway Yotsubashi Line, 9 minutes walk to Namba Station on the Subway Midosuji Line and Sennichimae Line


Namba is the gateway to Osaka Minami, and now, with Namba as your playground, you have the opportunity to master the heart of OSAKA’s urban assets.

Namba boasts a vast shopping and entertainment zone similar to Umeda. It serves as a major terminal where subway, JR, Nankai, Kintetsu, and Hanshin lines converge, directly connecting you to all urban amenities. “Advance Namba Lev” is born at the gateway to Osaka Minami, allowing you to enjoy an active daily life and add vibrant colors to your ON & OFF time.

A Stable Rental Market

In Osaka City, various educational institutions are concentrated, with a student population of over 98,000. Additionally, there are approximately 1.31 million households in Osaka City, with around 620,000 being single-person households. In Naniwa Ward, where this property is located, approximately 73% of households are single-person households, ranking it first in this category within Osaka City. This indicates that the area is popular among single business professionals and office workers, making it a high-demand location for single individuals.

Location 3-8-2 Motomachi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka City (Residential Address)
Transportation 8 minutes walk to Namba Station on the Subway Yotsubashi Line, 9 minutes walk to Namba Station on the Subway Midosuji Line and Sennichimae Line
Area/District Commercial Zone, Semi-Fireproof Zone, Urban Area
The Classification of land Residential Land
The building-to-house ratio 54.48%
Floor area ratio 518.40%
Lot area 311.91m²
Building area 169.91m²
Building gross floor area 1,803.23m²
Structure/Scale Reinforced concrete construction, 15 stories above ground
Total units 56Units
Selling units 56Units
Building certification number Building Confirmation No. H26-03735 (February 4, 2015)
Driveway burden "None"
Layout 1K
Dwelling footprint 28.19m2~29.08m2
Balcony area 4.24m2~4.29m2
Parking 2 spaces (surface parking)
Motor cycle storage 7 vehicles (3 large, 4 medium)
Mini Motor cycle storage 4 units
Bicycle storage 52 vehicles (slide-type, lift-type)
Right form after selling lots The common areas of the land and building are shared based on the ratio of exclusive area ownership, and the building is individually owned by sections.
Management form A management association is established by all unit owners, and the management is entrusted to a management agent by the management association.
Completion Late August, 2016
Moving in Late September, 2016
Seller Nissei Advance
Design/Supervision Prime Design Co., Ltd.
Execution Hirose Construction Co., Ltd.
Management company Global Community Co., Ltd. / Advance Management Co., Ltd.
Access to drawing and specification "Advance Namba Reve" Management Office