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5 minutes walk from JR Tokaido Main Line "Nishioji" Station 距離JR東海道本線"西大路"站步行5分鐘

A Millennium of Charm.
The Enduring Value of Kyoto Leading to Today –
A World Heritage Site

For over 1,200 years since the establishment of Heian-kyo, Kyoto has remained a pure and enduring capital city, maintaining its radiance even to this day. It is a city adorned with traditions, festivals, historical landmarks, and numerous historical buildings. The ever-changing beauty of nature with the shifting seasons adds to the unique charm of this ancient city, enhancing its value.

“Advance Kyoto Alivio” debuts in a location that brings to life the distinctive values of Kyoto in daily living, with landmarks like To-ji Temple (Kyo-o-gokoku-ji) and Nishi-Hongan-ji Temple, both registered as World Cultural Heritage sites, as well as the urban hub of Kyoto Station Building, all nearby.

Location 37-1, Karahashi Hiragaki-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto City 京都市南區唐橋平垣町37號1
Transportation 5 minutes walk from JR Tokaido Main Line "Nishioji" Station 距離JR東海道本線"西大路"站步行5分鐘
Area/District (日本) 準工業地域、市街化区域、準防火地域、20m第3種高度地区、遠景デザイン保全地域、市街地型美観形成地区
The Classification of land Residential Land
The building-to-house ratio 58.36%
Floor area ratio 199.69%
Lot area 548.05m²
Building area 319.81m²
Building gross floor area 1,236.26m²
Structure/Scale Reinforced concrete construction, 5 stories above ground
Total units 40Units
Selling units 40Units
Building certification number (日本) 第NK16-1442号(平成29年4月18日)、第NK16-1442A号(平成29年5月26日)
Other (日本) 検査済証番号/第NK16-1442A号(平成29年12月22日)
Driveway burden "None"
Layout 1K
Dwelling footprint 27.20㎡
Balcony area 3.20㎡
Parking Flat Type 4 Cars (Including 1 Compact Car) 平面式4輛車(包括1輛小型車)
Motor cycle storage 7 spaces (surface parking)
Mini Motor cycle storage 1 spaces (surface parking)
Bicycle storage 40 spaces (Double-decker 33 spaces, Flat 7 spaces) 40個停車位(雙層式停車33個,平面停車7個)
Right form after selling lots Common areas and facilities on the site are shared based on the ownership ratio of exclusive areas, while individual units within the building are owned separately 場地上的共用區域和設施根據專有面積所有權比例共同使用,建築內的各個單元分別所有
Management form The management association is established by all unit owners, and the management tasks are delegated to a management agent by the association 所有單元業主共同成立管理協會,然後由協會將管理任務委托給管理代理人
Completion Completed on January 2, Heisei 30 Heisei 30年1月2日完成
Moving in Late January, Heisei 30 Heisei 30年1月下旬
Seller Nissei Advance
Design/Supervision Seed Heiwa Co., Ltd. Seed Heiwa有限公司
Execution Seed Heiwa Co., Ltd. Seed Heiwa有限公司
Management company Global Community Co., Ltd. / Advance Management Co., Ltd.
Access to drawing and specification Advance Kyoto Alivio Management Office Advance Kyoto Alivio管理處